boyfriends, much like communism, are better in theory

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Gear up ladies and gents because you’re about to hear the most beautiful thing ever.

Okay, so I work at a vet clinic as a receptionist and this weekend we were on call, which meant we deal with all the emergencies. This guy came in on Friday morning and sat down in a chair while we were booking some other people in. He was this giant tattooed guy, holding this tiny little Pomeranian and he was crying. I stopped what I was doing and asked if he was okay. He said his dog had just been hit by a truck and he needed help. 

So we get him into a room and the vet looks at the dog and we do x-rays, put it on IV fluids and put the dog in ICU. The guy put down a $500 down payment with the help of his parents because he couldn’t fully afford it. He also had to take the dog home later that night because he couldn’t afford to keep it overnight.

So he comes in the next morning with the dog and has to put down a $250 deposit. As of now he has paid a total of $750 and there will still be more to be paid. As he’s paying the $250, he is talking about how worried he is that his dog is not going to get the care it needs because he can’t afford it. He fricking loves this dog. He wanted to do everything for it but couldn’t afford it.

When he left, the woman that had been standing behind him waiting to pay her bill for her animal that had also been hospitalized the night before, came up and said she wanted to pay the rest of the bill. I asked if she was sure and she said yes. She paid enough for everything he needed to have done on his dog.

While I was ringing her up all I could think was that the world needs more people like her. She had no connection what so ever to this man. She didn’t even want us to give him her name when he came in again. She saw the love he had for his animal and just wanted to help him out. Its people like her that still give me faith in humanity.

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